I have always loved photography as a means of expression. It allows to capture the extraordinary beauty of nature and light, spectacular landscapes and special moments in time.


With my other love of skydiving, I experience moments of absolute joy and an indescribable feeling of complete freedom.


One skydiving jump in a lifetime is like one lifetime in eternity - feeling both long and too brief of an experience at the same time. A jump passes by so quickly and yet, it is full of exhilarating and unforgettable moments.


For me, each skydive is a great adventure and an opportunity to discover my true self, to cherish my inner being and nourish my soul. It is for these very reasons that freefall photography has become such a passion for me.


Each skydive is unique - the often spectacular beauty of the light and of the landscapes beneath me, as well as the grandeur of the sky, are always different and captivating.


I have created this website to share all of these emotional experiences with you, to show you examples of the breathtaking beauty that I am so lucky to witness during all those experiences and to give you as well the opportunity and pleasure to have your own fine art prints of most of these images.


I invite you to wander through all areas of this website and if you feel like it, please send me your comments. I will be so glad to learn what people experience as they see my work and share in my adventures.

Louis Dotvil